Choose Your Slingshot

Find out about our Slingshot car features in the Bossier City, LA area

When you rent a Slingshot from D&R Enterprises and Rentals, you can pick a manual or automatic vehicle. We have five-speed luxury Slingshots in black, white and other colors. You can also opt for a colorful or gray automatic vehicle. To pick your luxury Slingshot, visit our company in Bossier City, LA right away.

Get ready to hit the road

After you choose your vehicle, you can get behind the wheel with a little help from us. You'll notice a variety of exciting Slingshot car features including:

  • Back-up cameras: Leave a parking space with ease
  • Bluetooth compatibility: Listen to any music you want
  • Keyless ignitions: Turn your Slingshot on with the press of a button

Plus, vehicle information is stored in a locked compartment behind your seat. Contact our team today to find out about all our Slingshot car features. You can call 318-459-7719 or email us.